Audio Control 50W 20 Ohm Load Generating Device & Signal Stabilizer AC-LGD20

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Audio Control 50W 20 Ohm Load Generating Device & Signal Stabilizer AC-LGD20

Today's factory amplifiers feature built-in protection circuits that can mute some or all audio outputs when the factory speakers are removed. The AC-LGD 20 has been designed to generate load and stabilize signal from amplified factory system to ensure the best possible audio.

The AC-LGD 20s come in pairs and can be easily connected to your AudioControl Factory System Upgrade product with the pre-wired connectors. The AC-LGD 20 is installed between the factory speaker outputs and your line output converter or speaker level inputs on your amp or processor. Each AC-LGD 20 pair comes pre-wired with EIA standard wire colors for front and rear connections.

This Listing Includes:
(2) Prewired AC-LGD 20s

- For 2018+ vehicles W/O Amplified OEM Systems
- Maximum Input Voltage: 15 Vrms (50 watts)
- Input Impedance: 20 Ohms

Common examples of vehicles that benefit from LGD's:
- Toyota
- Chrysler
- Jeep
- Dodge/Ram
- Alfa Romeo
- Subaru w/ Starlink
- Honda
- Fiat
- GM
- Ford
- Harley-Davidson
- Maserati

Dimensions (without wires/connectors): 2.3″L x 1.0″W x .06″H
Dimensions (with wires/connectors): 9.75″L x 1.0″D x .06″H
Weight (single LGD): 1.4oz (39g)

Which AC-LGD should I Use?

Some OEM systems require a load generator in order to pass audio through correctly. The ohm rating for differs for each vehicle, so we created a guide to let you know which AC-LGD will work best with your system.