Taramps HD3000-1 Full Range Monoblock Amplifier 3000W 1 Ohm Car Audio


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Taramps HD Line 3000.1 amplifier is designed with high performance Brazilian technology for car audio sound systems. This full range mono amplifier's max power is 3000W with 1 Ohm impedance. This way you can experience and appreciate frequencies in the right measure.

This Product Includes:

1 x Taramps Electronics HD3000-1 Mono 3000W 1 Ohm Amplifier
1 x Taramps M1 LED Monitor (On / Clip / Protect Light Indicator)

Quantity: 1
Operation Class: Class D
Channels: 1
Max Power at 12.6VDC - 1 Ohm: 3000W
Max Power at 12.6VDC - 2 Ohms: 2025W
Max Power at 12.6VDC - 4 Ohms: 1140W
Input Sensitivity: 230mV
Signal to Noise Ratio: greater than 89dB
Frequency Response at Full Range: 10Hz to 20KHz (-3dB)
Crossover High Pass (HPF) Variable: 10Hz to 80Hz (-12dB)
Crossover Low Pass (LPF): Variable: 80 Hz to FULL (-12dB)
Bass Boost: 0 to 10.5dB in 5Hz
Thermal Management: Smart Cooler (fan controlled by temperature or audio with 3 speeds)
Efficiency: 79%
Input Impedance: 18K Ohms
Output Impedance: 1 Ohm
Protection System: Output Short circuit / High or Low supply voltage / Thermal protection
Maximum Supply Voltage: 16 VDC
Minimum Supply Voltage: 9 VDC
Consumption at rest: 1.8 A
Maximum Musical Consumption: 150.5 A
Maximum Consumption in Sinusoidal Signal: 301 A